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Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow
Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow
Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow
Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow
Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow
Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow

Altra Outroad 2 Woman - Yellow

129,00 €
incl. 24 % VAT
The Outroad 2 is built for the road and equipped for trail excursions also - a really functional hybrid running shoe! (see description below)

(size chart see attachments)

Zero drop - Quite wide toe space - Moderately light - Quite stiff and thick sole - VEGAN

The Outroad 2 is here with the road to trail features you need to run outside the lines. This updated Outroad is equipped for road running and light trail excursions. Featuring a new upper material and a more durable construction, this shoe is updated and up for anything. You can count on our fan-favorite grippy MaxTrac™ outsole and Altra EGO™ midsole foam for your next trail adventure. This shoe comes in our Slim FootShape™ fit (on scale "slim, standard, wide") for a more snug, comfortable fit while still giving your toes the room they need.

(Petri's note - I think that Outroad is not so "slim" as Altra says. In terms of the width of its last, Outroad works very well on my own quite wide feet when I do sports and exercise. On the other hand, as a casual shoe Escalante for example is wider and therefore more comfortable for me)

  • Midsole: Altra EGO™ 
  • Outsole: MaxTrac™
  • Stack Height: 27 mm
  • Upper: Engineered Mesh
  • Footshape: SlimFamily: Outroad
  • Cushioning: Moderate
  • Line: TRAIL
  • Weight: :10.7 oz / 303 g


Outroad 2 is a great hybrid running shoe that works both off-road and rolls on asphalt also. A slightly narrower model compared to Altra's widest models, but on the other hand the width of the sole stabilizes the shoe even on trails. The pattern is grippy off-road but it doesn't bother you when running on asphalt either. Small water puddles do not hinder the performance of this shoe - on the other hand, the shoe may not be the coolest in the heat? The fairly stiff structure and thick sole means that you won't get any bigger barefoot shoe feeling even if you take the insole off.

A very versatile running shoe for anyone who wants a more cushioned shoe for running and/or a shoe for leisure. The wide sole also provides safety for fitness and family games outside. It also goes with jeans as a sporty look.

On the scale of pure barefoot shoe - hybrid model - minimalist shoe (l. thick-soled barefoot shoe), I count Outroad in the "thick-soled barefoot shoe" category.

Suitability for barefoot beginners

With these shoes, you can safely get to know how the natural zero drop in the shoe affects your movement and, on the other hand, how the wide toe space frees your toes! According to your own experience, if you want, you can buy the pure barefoot shoes after a few months/half a year, when you have used Altras and hopefully strengthened the muscles, tendons and fascia of your feet with a suitable foot workout.

Suitability for experienced barefooters

Here's a great pair of shoes if longer trail running kilometers and/or running on asphalt appeal to you. Also for long walks and family games outside! Saves your feet on a hard surface every now and then (compare to our ancestors living in the forests), but still benefit from the zero drop and good toe space of the shoe.

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