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Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White
Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White
Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White
Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White
Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White

Altra ESCALANTE 3 Woman - White

139,00 €
incl. 24 % VAT
Lightweight, versatile and casual road shoe with a fresh design - Escalante takes you from your morning run to your morning meeting! (See description below)

(size chart see attachments)

Zero drop - Wide toe space - Moderately light - Moderately flexible and thicker sole - VEGAN

Introducing the new Escalante 3. This Altra classic gets a style refresh with an all-new modern look. These design updates offer an improved fit for your foot with updated, sock-like upper material and added elastic throughout. Versatility meet comfort with this road shoe favorite with Altra EGO™ foam midsole and Standard FootShape™ ( On scale "slim, standard, wide"). Escalante is designed to take you from your morning run to your morning meeting!


  • Midsole: Altra EGO™
  • Outsole: FootPod™
  • Stack Height: 24 mm
  • Upper: Sock-like Engineered Knit
  • Footshape: Standard
  • Cushioning: Moderate
  • Line: Road
  • Weight: 263 g


This wonderful and really cool-looking road running shoe can also be worn perfecty with jeans. The total height of the sole is below average for Altra shoes, but of course the Escalante is a thick-soled shoe if you approach the matter from the barefoot world. The shoe has a lot of room in the toes and the ankle does not get sprained easily, so it is also suitable for relaxed family games. A really versatile shoe! 

On the scale of pure barefoot shoe - hybrid model - minimalist shoe (thick-soled barefoot shoe), I count the Escalante as the "thick-soled barefoot shoe".

Suitability for barefoot shoe beginners

I can recommend the Escalante as your first (thick-soled) barefoot shoe, because it is safe to walk and run also longer distances right from the start. Of course, the zero drop can take some time to get used to, so listen to yourself before you rush into a half marathon with your new shoes.

Take off the insole from time to time and notice how the ground feel and the shoe changes! Also, remember your footwork from the start if you later want to get more pure barefoot shoes. Try to get away from heavy heel strike before you buy thinner-soled barefoot shoes - you can practice that too with the Escalante.

Suitability for experienced barefooters

Escalante is a stress-free and casual shoe that looks good even with you blue jeans. You need probably little more cushioning time to time on longer runs and/or if your legs are sometimes overstressed? Remove the insoles and the ground feel starts to remind more of a barefoot shoe - the Escalantes are not the most damped road shoes anyway. All other good characteristics of a barefoot shoe are found in the shoe, except for the thickness of the sole.

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